While participating at the Harvard Model of the United Nations we attended the opening ceremony where we had a chance to listen to two very inspiring young female leaders.
One of them was Nimi Uberoi who happens to work for the Obama foundation, after working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign she had the chance to work in the foundation created by Barack and Michelle Obama, intended to support leadership projects created by young people. The most inspiring part of her intervention was how the world can be actually changed by individual actions, one of her strongest messages was: “Rather than thinking about what you want to be, think about what you want to do”.
We also had the chance of listening to Ms. Hebh Jamal, a student activist who publicly opposed and mobilized against Trump’s Muslim Ban. Her speech called for students to join the struggle to end segregation and discrimination. She advocated for further equality, in terms of race and gender, to open spaces for inter ethnic and inter cultural dialogue.
The topic of this year’s Harvard Model couldn’t be more pertinent for our school. “Leadership in action” inspired our delegation of 13 girls to believe in their capacities and strong power lying within their hearts and minds. They came out of this ceremony with the impression that individuals have a limitless capacity to change their surroundings.