Australia music Art and dance


Australia´s first habitants were indigenous called aboriginals the typical art´s was very pretty and it consist of making different patterns only painting dots of different colors I am sure you have seen these arts somewhere the majority of the arts in Australia are made of the landscapes of their aboriginal, colonial and atelier of there in Australia the art is important because they can express, they feelings to other people other type of paintings the do there are: rock painting, dot painting, Rock engravings, bark painting, carvings sculptures and weaving and string art but the most know is the dot painting.


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Australia´s typical music is also one from aboriginals which is produced mainly from an instrument called didgeridoo the didgeridoo has some of typical art to this are some of the other music instruments from there bullroarer, gumleaf, clapsticks, lagerphone and wobble wobble board the didgeridoo is the most knower and the most typical didgeridoo can´t be played by females why? because authorities say that females can play but we don´t know why the authorities don´t let them to touch the instrument but they say: there is no law forbidding women to play the didgeridoo why didgeridoo have that name? it came from the white settlers who, when they first heard the instrument played found the sound strange and baffling. They chose a name to match as close as possible its remarkable sound and this resulted in didgeridoo.


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The typical dances are called brush dance, use of animal’s imitations to help tell stories and bring stories to life the story of dance in Australia is Highlights in the modern it was including the visits of the Anna Pavlova Company in 1926, the Ballets Russes in 1938, and the Ballet Rambert in 1947–49 there is a most popular dance in Australia’s but is more like Bellet something like that, Nutbush. The Nutbush, as it is more commonly known, is a classic Australian line dance that has been taken around the world by TikTok dances. The Nutbush has been a popular dance in Australia since the 1980s in 1936 with sixty-two dancers, making them the largest dance company ever brought to, Australia Ballets Russes is one of the most popular dances of Australia how I mention some before they are other types of dances and if you go back, you can see the names here you can see the costumes of children of Ballets Russes and below of the costumes there is a link of a video to see the dance.

Girl’s costumes

Boy’s costumes

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