The types of traditional music in Korea are: Pansori, Pungmul (Samul) Nori and Minyo (folk song). Pansori became definitive in the 17th century and gained respect over time. It is now considered as the ideal traditional music in contemporary South Korea. Proclaimed by UNESCO as a “masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of mankind”, the Pansori tradition is one of the proudest forms of entertainment in Korea Just as Pansori was created as a form of popular entertainment that reflects the feelings of the public , Pansori-based fiction also tells stories with popular foundations and emotions. K-pop is a music genre that includes various musical styles such as pop, rap, EDM, rock or R&B, and refers specifically to popular music of South Korea., in the early 1990s South Korea created k-pop The most modern form of the genre emerged with one of the first K-pop groups, Seo Taiji & Boys, who formed in 1992.S.E.S. It was the first K-pop female group, the group was made up of 3 members Bada, Eugene Shoo. K-pop is considered the most listened to music in 2022. 


Buchaechum It is the most resentful traditional dance in Corea. It consists in a dance with fans and long dreses. The first use of dance in Korea began about five thousand years ago with shamanic rituals. Shamanism incorporates the beliefs and practices of Korea’s indigenous peoples, and both religious views and dance styles were unique to each people in these early years. Typically, each region had its own local gods, and shamans worked as part of funeral services to guide spirits to heaven. Dances, like the Southern Tang’ol, were choreographed for the purpose of entertaining a god or goddess. 


 In Corea use soft colors for the paints and the ceramics. The traditional art in Korea they are represented by the murals of the graves. that contain the artistic techniques of the ancient Koreans. The Corean art is so similar to China art and Japan art but during the years the Corean artist are doing their own style. The main characteristic of Corean art is the connection whit nature that they create. In the art of Korea respect nature and the environment that means that they respect and see nature like an art work. Park Yeoncheol is an illustrator that convenes art and the architecture he says that he says that her passion is illustrate that show the life of that persons that life behind of that constructions. 

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