Interview to Tasha


The dance of Spain is what we call flamenco, but the original name is Fandango, is a dance started on xvIII on Andalucia, that is part from Spain, Fandango can be instrumental or can be of dancing, there are many types of Fandangos, in Australia, Galiciar, Marlorca and Portugal. On flamenco the women’s use a big and large red drees with a red flower on her head, and the men’s use black and white clothes the colors of costumes of flamenco are red and black.


The Fandango is not just the dance of Spain it can be instrumental that means that you can play on instruments flamenco or you can dance flamenco. With this information we can go to the conclusion that the Fandango is one of the better music and dances from Spain.

Rimma R. (S.F.). Ejemplo del vector de la danza del flamenco Mujeres en vestido rojo tradicional. [imagen]. Recuperado de


The most important paint on Spain is called Las Meninas made on 1656 from Diego Velázquez, this paint can be found on the museum Del Prado, is one of the most important museums of the world that have many paints that have made an excessively enormous impact and innovation to the world. This paint has like some girls on different positions one is seated and another one is like on her knees like wanting to say something to the other girls and the other 3 girls are like saying something to the girl, and on that paint looks like if the girl that is seated down is a princes or someone important because the other girls are like making she favors and doing all she says, there is a dog like sleeping on the floor, there is a man that have paints on his hands and looks like if he were painting the girls, and on the background there is like a man on the door and it looks that is going to go upstairs, and there is a woman with something on his head. In my opinion I think this paint is a little bit mysterious and that is interesting because it looks like an artist is painting what the girls are doing.

Museo del Prado. (2022). Las meninas. [imagen, audio]. Recuperado de

Extra facts: The food of Spain is Paella, here in Colombia we also eat paella.
Paella is a big dish made of rice and you can put it chicken, octopus, shells and vegetables.