Maria Juliana Calderón made an interview with Salma Saad talking about music, dance and art of Egypt.


Egypt is an Africa country mostly recognized by the pyramids, sculptures, turism and especially the mythms we can find there. But in Egypt there is more than mommies and treasures. There is more, ¿have you ever think about the art, music, or dance of this country? No? Well, now you are wonna know everything about it. Read this text and learn the culture of this fantastic country.


In Egypt there are many types of music; and we are wonna talk about Nubian and Shaabi Music.

Nubian: Is a music from the Nubian people that live in the south of Egypt. The traditional music is accompanied with drums and clapping, and the Nubian most famous artist is Ali Hassan Kuban.

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Shaabi: Shaabi means town music, is originated from the Cairo, in the decade of 70’s like a new form to express the difficulties and frustration of the now a days life on Egypt. The type of lyrics of the Shaabi music talk about daily things like love, routine and politic; the lyrics also have humor and double meaning.

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Shaabi Egyptian


In Egypt there are many dance styles, and there are fantastic. Let’s see some of them:

Cairo: is a home-style female dance where the movements base for Raqs Baladi and Egyptian Oriental. When professional dancers refer to Egyptian dances, they refer about the Cairo dance. Even inside Egypt, other regions are conscient of the steps and the posture of this dance. The Cairo dance is also the recording center of the Middle east, and the dancers of “Orientale Film Stars, and Night Club” are legendary.

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Sa’idi: this dance can be considerate the most folkloric dance of Egypt, where each dancer uses one or two sticks mostly made of bamboo. This dance is mostly danced on Upper Egypt, between Gizeh and Edfu cities. The Saidi people are mostly farmers. Most of the times and very usually the dance is very lively, energetic and earthy.

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Beautiful Saidi Dance Video《Dream in Saidi》


In Egypt we can say that there is not any artist. But there are beautiful artworks, let’s see some of them: Mask of Tutankamón: The funerary mask used on Tuankamón it can be founded on the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The mask is a goldsmith mask of a beautiful design and technical quality that represent the idealized face of Tutankamón. The mask measure 54 centimeters high and its weight is of 11 kilograms.

 The great pyramid of Giza: it is the one of the seven wonders and is the only one of the ancient worlds that remains until today. This is a masterpiece of Egypt architecture. The height of the pyramid is of more than 145 meters, it was the tallest stone building before 19th century. The pyramid has 4 sides and each of them measure 230 meters long, and in total there where around 2,300,000 blocks.

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